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Integrated transport solutions.

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Gullsun overs Full Truck load (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL).
FTL shipping or Full Truckload transport is the perfect solution for larger loads of more than 10 pallets at a time, occupying the entire space in the freight truck to be delivered directly. Benefit from Gullsun’s solutions for
international FTL transport provided by the best international FTL freight companies in the business.
Save on shipping expenses for your freight shipments. Gullsun’s Less than truckload shipping services are the most cost-effective solution for businesses who are sending multiple shipments at once but don’t quite
need a full truck or freight vehicle to carry out the delivery. We provide you with a quote for LTL shipping in the shortest time possible, so you can get your load moving sooner. Stop paying for space you don’t need and book
an LTL shipment with Gullsun.